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Don't give up. Be focused. Write good songs and work hard. Damon Albarn - BLUR

Meredith Brooks

Write the truth as you know it from your experience. Notice each step as important progress towards the goal. No matter what it may look like from the outside, if you really want it, you can have it. The only failure is to stop trying. Try to stay with what you do best - your style of singing or playing, because everything is cyclical. It doesn't mean you can't experiment, just don't lose your own signature...the thing that makes you unique. Meredith Brooks

Duran Duran

My advice would be whatever you do, write and keep on writing. Get somebody to look after the business side of things so you can concentrate. Practice, play as often as you can, to a live audience, if possible. Ask people opinions and do not be put off by failure. Simon Le Bon - DURAN DURAN

Billie Ray Martin

To choose this business you will have to be superhumanly strong. These are not just words: I mean stronger then you ever thought a human could be. You better know who you are, because if you don't it will kill you. They will tell you you can't sing, can't write, you look bad, you're a bitch if you're a woman, and something else if you're a man. There will be people whom you've never met and so there is no way to understand their comments. All you'll know is that they're the 'business' you have dedicated your life to. This happens long enough and you're screwed. So make sure you know that what ever you have to offer is so solid and whatever you have to say has to be said with such a hundred percent certainty that their comments cannot touch you. Good luck. Billie Ray Martin

My advice to any new, young, band would be to make sure that this is what you really want. Your determination, hunger and resilience to succeed is absolutely essential. There will be many tears and upsets and not all of it is paved with gold. But if you want to succeed more than anything else in life, than I believe you can. Tony Hadley - SPANDAU BALLET

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