, establised 1997


Norwich,United Kingdom
FollowingonfromthedepartureofPreviousbandS' ubvertin2003&laterP' ureNegative'in2009vocalistJimMartenjoined'Hedra' a band formed by Kamil Korsak and Jakub Bednarczyk in their hometown of Ketzryn they decided to seek out their musicians of a Polyrhythmic & Harmonic style in the UK leaving their families & Friends behind.
Based in East Anglia the bands inuences range from bands such as Will Haven, Meshuggah, Architects, Korn, Tesseract and Slipknot plus many underground styles the band have produced a unique & eclectic style of fusion and power used in modern day metal music.
Hedra's crushing 7 stringed Guitar ris, Retro Bass and precision double bass drumming have brought together a style that is unique and powerful in their live performances with not one gig to date missing a mosh pit experience.
The band have Intense grooves and at times complicated structures and melody, with over 15 Years musical experience the band stress the importance of diversity in a progressive band such as this, Hedra feel the last decade has been searching for them & they'll play anywhere to prove it!
Hedra have already played alongside several bands in 2014 & 2015 including Devilment, Shrapnel and Warlord UK with a very positive outlook to 2015 the band are currently recording 2 Concept E.P.'s have a full equipment list, their own Tour Van and endless possibilities.