, establised 1997

harlequins enigma


harlequins enigma has dropped some new releases lately. a compilation album called ladybug appeared before xmas. it is aimed at new age/tribal/meditative genre fans.
the collection features harlequins enigma`s best material in this genre. the compilation that is very world like spans across the globe with coops involving klaus schulze, kitaro, tangerine dream, vangelis, kitaro, his father, katie leung & sara jensen. january 1st. they also released a dance album called dance heroine. the styles on this sort of best of dance from harlequins enigma compilation lies a little in dance, house, pop & other genres. a mini ep called half life for harlequins was released recently. this is some older material in the metal/industrial/electronic genre. you are all welcome to give it a listen at tidal, spotify, deezer or amazon, itunes, juno & other stores like groove & google play.
have a nice winter all fans, friends, & family. -├ąge