, establised 1997

harlequins enigma


it is believed that disco never quite will die, here is at least harlequins enigma's latest contribution to the genre. "dance heroine - rival" goes much in the same division as dance heroine (1), the new release features great disco/dance tracks like air plane, dancefloor in motion, exit ninja & rollercoaster, other ballads like beautiful "the hunt" also set the mood, along with more fast packed experimental tracks like transcending conflict & the sensual dark years. don't hesitate for a second to study the 2 dance heroine albums which is well worth your time. the rareness & genre experimentalism makes it all worthwhile, & quality tracks will be revealed to you. ├ąge riisnes reveals that a deluxe version of dance heroine (1) is available at bandcamp. right now dance heroine rival is only available at & tidal. the album will probably appear at youtube, itunes, amazon, googleplay & spotify/deezer anytime soon.