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Alice Hardy


Alice is sharing the @Blackbird Hall stage with two excellent bands On Friday October 26th - Hale Road & Calm Like a Bomb!

Boom!!! The Friday before Halloween will get the spirits riling up the ghosts of rock n roll and drag them down to surrey's live music hot spot for a night of freaky fun and loud FREEKIN music!

Alice Hardy will be giving away 3 cash Prizes for the best costumes!

Yup - You just read that!
(just don't let our drummer know that we found his wallet behind the bass amp - he's been looking for it for a while now we will give it back... AFTER WE F**K*N give away his CASH!!!)

The only way to get a chance at the prizes is to DRESS UP in a Halloween Costume!!! Do it! Scream it! it's the only place to get your freak on and catch some wicked tunes!

1st place = $100
2nd place = $60
3rd place = $40

Alice Hardy and Halloween
Hale Road and Halloween
Calm Like A Bomb and Halloween
What the hell you waiting for get your tickets - just message us!