, establised 1997

harlequins enigma


crossing the Oceans is a well thought trough album, that is ment to Complete albums like splash & wave, & others. it was inevitable for Harlequins enigma to continue this modest but Wild, Journey in sound. this was due to Health issues & lack of stability, & alot of fatigue.. owner ├ąge riisnes has earlier on Facebook mentioned an illness that is similar to me & osteoperosis, very fatigue breaking diseases.. that he strugggles With.. now he just wanted to release crossing the Ocean which toss some weight on the scale of best of releases vs releases in total.
it is now available on amazon, itunes, google play & the cdbaby store.. their distributor for the release was cdbaby. the release date was set to march 22, 2019. Harlequins enigma would like to wish friends, Family & other People involved in the now 10 year long Project, a good bye & best wishes for the future.. & to the lads & Girls, he says it has been an honour.

Air Ambulance theme.wav
ancestral courage.wav
Bewinged State.wav
Brood Dawn Mix.wav
dancing dolls feat. katie leung.wav
dark aqua (remixed Version).wav
Deep Blue Sky.wav
Discontinuing flow.wav
Friendship feat. sara q, emma Watson & katie leung.wav
magic & obscura.wav
Mental Grasp.wav
Parallel Blossom.wav
polymorphic y chromosome.wav
the painter man.wav
Witchcraft feat. sara jensen.wav
yes My Dear Seagull.wav

Harlequins enigma says farewell