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harlequins enigma


in time for the x-mas season 2018 comes a diary, a new classical album compilation, played entirely on synthesizer with real & synthetic instruments.
the genres for the 17 track index is based on beethoven, tori amos, grieg & wagner impressions, all originally composed. the material is varied & contain many moods from happy to sad. a diary is about a lot of things but it is about a long road with obstacles. & the road has more pain than good stuff. harlequins enigma reveals that during their years with sara jensen & sara q, his family & the other co-members & coops artist, that this whole harlequins enigma project was about hope for something better in the end. look no further the to put a diary on your shortlist for the season & new year, if you're into classical & new age synthesizer music.

A Diary.wav
bow & arrow.wav
Fall Fade master - l'edit version.wav
flo & fjære (the tides).wav
harlequins enigma.wav
Keepress Of The Clock Tower.wav
Labyrinth Of The Heights Feat. Elin Berge.wav
mein lieber geliebten feat. elin berge & katie leung.wav
Middle Age, Castle & Playground.wav
Reconvalescere theme.wav
The Midnight Sessions - Night.wav
The Midnight Sessions - Piano.wav
The Resurrection Of The Daffodills.wav
the Trembling Path To Safety, pt.1 & pt.2.wav

harlequins enigma wishes you all a merry yule tide & a happy new year. if that doesn't suit you, we wish as good time as you can get anyway. the album art for a diary was done by denverson at

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