, establised 1997


Los Angeles ,CALIFORNIA,United States

February 17, 2014, marks the release of Stranger, the debut album of Los Angeles band Zeistencroix, and one of the year's most anticipated albums in the alternative industrial genre. The independent band has already begun to make its mark: The video for the single "Stranger" was streamed by fans more than 100,000 times in its first month of release, September 2013.

The full-length album, Stranger, includes 12 songs, including "Party Animals," with rhythm guitar and a catchy chorus. "Gone" takes on the topic of suicide with a penetrating, enveloping melody. "Tear of the Heart" tells the story of what it feels like to lose someone you love.

Zeistencroix, formed on 2011, is already established in the L.A. music scene, and has the potential to be one of the rock revelations of 2014. Formed by Orlando Draven (vocals and composer), Jackson Akopan (guitars) and Jean Carlos Corredor (bass), the trio is planning a tour on the West Coast of the United States to bring their sound—influenced by Depeche Mode, David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails—to live audiences.

Though the band hasn't yet signed with a record label, in 2013 it joined the roster of bands represented by Music of the Sea, a Chicago company that distributes music in film and television around the world. Music of the Sea's clients include Warner Bros., MTV, and many other outlets, so it wouldn't be a surprise to hear Zeistencroix in a popular TV show soon.


1. Party Animals
2. Got the Way
3. Tears if the Heart
4. Stranger
5. Gone
6. Killer Babe
7. The Voyage
8. Walking Dead
9. Messiah
10. Flesh
11. The Lie
12. Stay