, establised 1997

The Murr

United States

Neo-Wave For The Future (Pittsburgh, PA, US, December 22, 2014)—New Wave rockers The Murr announce the release of their first EP, titled “Parafango!” The six-song release marks their first new material since 1990. The three-piece band maintains its trademarked sound of ringing guitars, weird synths and big drums with fresh songs that harken back to the New Wave movement of the 80s.

The Murr played mostly original material in a variety of venues in and around Pittsburgh during the late 80s. The lineup changed often during their short career, but the heart of the band remains. Chris Dangelo (vocals and guitar) and David Rupp (synths) started the band in 1987, and were it’s primary song-writers. Rick Zakutney played drums in Decadence, another local band, with Dangelo previously.

“We always hoped we could get Zak into The Murr, but he left for the Air Force at some point in the 80s,” says Rupp. It was difficult to get a rhythm section aligned with our vision. This was Pittsburgh. Drummers wanted to play like Rush, when we were looking for Devo.”

Dangelo and Rupp have been writing new material for many years. “We couldn’t have done this without digital recording and mixing on computers and the Internet,” says Dangelo. “Parafango!” represents some of the earliest material recorded in their home studios starting in 2010. Rupp has spent months mixing and mastering the songs.

“We think this stacks up well against the first albums by U2 and The Cure,” says Rupp. Parafango! features the songs “Apart”, “Icarus”, “Shadows”, “New World Order”, “No One Cares (About You)”, and “Unknown”.

Parafango! will be sold on CD Baby starting January 1, 2015. Three other new songs are available to stream at no charge from their Reverbnation page ( For more information, contact David Rupp, 412-580-0209,